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Year 6 Class Page

Welcome to the Year 6 class page!

Here you will find the information you need and get to see all the exiting things we get up to!


             Mrs Pitts, Miss Nicolls and Mr Dee

Mrs Turner (TA all week)   

Our enquiry question for Spring term is 'Do borders keep us safe?' this is a Geography focus looking at the plight of the refugee as well as comparing life in China and India in the second half of the term. 

During the Autumn term, we worked hard to improve our knowledge of conflict (both in terms of WW2 and in our own lives) and had many discussions about whether or not it is ever justified. We all created our own imovies to share our opinions and to encourage people to donate to helpforheroes a charity which supports ill and injured members of the Armed Forces. This one was chosen as “the best” after voting on it as a class. Please do donate using this link if you can!