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We have a duty of care to pupils. Concerns about the welfare or safety of pupils will

usually be discussed with parents/carers. Our first priority is the child’s welfare and

therefore, there may be occasions when concerns about a child means that we have to consult other agencies before we contact the parent/carer.

When a safeguarding or child protection concern is reported to the safeguarding team a record of this concern is kept on file. These records are stored securely and confidentially with restricted access.

Parents and carers are almost always informed of any concerns arising, unless to do so would increase the risk of harm to the child or there is information to suggest that a criminal offence has been committed

In these instances, we will consult with Nottingham City Multi Agency safeguarding Hub in the first instance to seek advice. We will work with a Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO). 

When a child transfers to a new school, this information transfers as well, separate to academic information and confidentially. 

Please see here to link to our policies section to see our safeguaring policies.