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Our Learning

Spring 2 February/March 2021

Welcome back! We have already made a great start this term. Our Enquiry question is "Would a polar bear wear a jumper?" where we have been learning all about the features of places and animals. This term we will continue our learning of animals and research the famous explorer Eric Shackleton.

In English we have read The Great Explorer, and wrote our own fact file on polar bears. We will continue to link our English learning with our Enquiry, by writing a biography on David Attenborough.

In Maths we have been exploring numbers to 20 in different ways to understand them really well. This includes finding one more and one less, counting backwards and sorting objects into groups. This term our learning will progress to numbers within 50.

We are lucky to have brand new decodable reading book system which is divided into: Pink A, Pink B, Red A, Red B, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange and Turquoise. These books are fully phonetically decodable and align with our daily Phonics teaching. Children will receive a new book each week to take home and get to know really well. They also have the chance to earn fantastic badges for different reading milestones. Children will be rewarded when they reach 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 reads! This includes reading done both at home and school.