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At Stanstead, we aim to allow every child to leave our school as a confident and competent mathematician.

In Foundation we follow the new 2020 EYFS Framework. As well as number, we provide opportunities for the children to problem solve, understand and use shapes, measure and develop their own spatial awareness. We teach a short Maths lesson every day, which can take place both indoors and outdoors, through a wide range of practical and “hands on” activities. We then provide the children with the equipment to explore this further in the environment, this is known as “continuous provision”.

In Years 1 – 6 we use Power Maths, this scheme of work allows children to develop mastery in every maths lesson. In addition to our daily maths sessions, we also include 3 weekly arithmetic lessons and 3 weekly multiplication lessons.

Each lesson will allow the children to work on the following skills:

 Fluency: Learning and knowing key facts, including number bonds and times tables, with a focus of the children becoming efficient with their calculations and noticing relationships and links to support the accuracy of their arithmetic.

Reasoning:  Regular opportunities to engage in rich, meaningful mathematical talk, allowing children to explain their answers and thoughts.

Problem solving: Regular opportunities for children to solve problems where they have to really think.

Each child also has their own individual login for Time Table Rockstars so they can practise their multiplication and division skills in school and at home.

Children in Year 1 to Year 6 follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics.