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Letters home

Please find copies of letters that have been sent home. 

  1. PSHE letter 1st April 2021PDF File

  2. Class 1 Teacher 29th March 2021PDF File

  3. Reception and Nursery Room Swap 24th March 2021PDF File

  4. Rainbows Teacher update 23rd March 2021PDF File

  5. Comic Relief on 19th March 2021 (issued 15th March)PDF File

  6. FHT letter to families 5th March 2021PDF File

  7. EYFS Appointment 2nd March 2021PDF File

  8. Headteacher Appointment 1st March 2021PDF File

  9. School reopening on 8th March (sent 26th Feb 21)PDF File

  10. FHT letter - booking key worker places 23rd Feb - 5th March (sent 8th Feb 2021)PDF File

  11. FHT letter - booking key worker places 1-12th Feb (sent 25th January 2021)PDF File

  12. Remote Learning Letter 15th Jan 2021PDF File

  13. Devices and Mobile Data letter 12th Jan 2021PDF File

  14. FHT letter - booking key worker places 18-29th Jan - 11th January 2021PDF File

  15. Reception (F2) Staffing 11th Jan 2021PDF File

  16. FHT Letter 8th January 2021PDF File

  17. Process for booking key worker and vulnerable children places 5th Jan 2021PDF File

  18. FHT Letter On Line Learning 4th Jan 2021PDF File

  19. FHT letter school return 31st Dec 2020PDF File

  20. FHT letter regarding Mr Cullen 15th December 2020PDF File

  21. Year 1 Mr Smith letter 15th December 2020PDF File

  22. Y1 Staffing Change 14th December 2020PDF File

  23. Christmas Menu 17th December 2020PDF File

  24. End of term INSET Day 18th December 2020PDF File

  25. Wear your Tinsel 11th Dec 2020PDF File

  26. Christmas at Stanstead 2020PDF File

  27. Y4 Staffing Change 16th Nov 2020PDF File

  28. Y6 Staffing Change 16th Nov 2020PDF File

  29. Facebook Letter 12th Nov 2020PDF File

  30. Children in Need on 13th Nov 2020PDF File

  31. FHT Parent Letter 5th Nov 2020PDF File

  32. FHT Parent letter 14th October 2020PDF File

  33. Brisbane Road Path October 2020PDF File

  34. School MilkPDF File

  35. Hot dinner taster day 1st October 2020PDF File

  36. Y5 and Y6 bubble arrangements Sept 2020PDF File

  37. Absence Reporting and Home Visits September 2020PDF File

  38. Protecting Child Against Flu leaflet Sept 20PDF File

  39. Stanstead Flu Vaccination e consent letter Sept 20PDF File

  40. Parent Governor Nominations Sept 20PDF File

  41. NCC School Streets LetterPDF File

  42. NCC School Streets Project 030920PDF File

  43. NCC School Streets Project MapPDF File

  44. Welcome Back Letter 020920DOCX File