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Leading Parent Partnership

In January 2014 the school were successful in achieving this award for the second time. Our commitment to achieving the award provided us with an audit that showed our strengths in our partnership with parents and a way forward to develop ourselves as an inclusive learning community. This was both an enriching and challenging venture for us. We are delighted to have undergone the rigour of the process and to have achieved this prestigious award.

“The planning and preparation for this award had been an integral part of our Vision for the school. All stakeholders have had a part to play in achieving this award and all should take great pleasure in having achieved such a prestigious award. We, as a team, have come a long way in such a short time.  Parent Partnership is crucial to our present and future work at the school.
Patricia Vladev, Headteacher

The LPPA is a DCSF recognised award providing a challenging framework that enables schools to strengthen their partnership with parents and carers.  Achieving the LPPA is a developmental process which, through the involvement of parents aims to enhance children's life chances as young people and adults.

The LPPA supports the delivery of a number of educational priorities including Every Child Matters, Extended Schools and Community Cohesion. The Award provides a valuable tool for school self-evaluation, and addresses the standards required by Ofsted.  It provides evidence relevant to school's annual conversation with its School Improvement Partner and the development of its Self Evaluation Form (SEF)

The LPPA supports schools, early years settings and other educational establishments in developing parent partnership, whatever their geographical or socio-economic setting.