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It is important that you are reading every night at home. Remember to ask your parent/carer to write in your reading diary so that you can earn one of our Stanstead Badges.


Everyday, you will take home your phonics sheet. This will have six words for you to read. These words will contain the sound that we have focussed on that day. There will also be three sentences for you to read underneath, which will also contain words with the same sound! If you are looking for a challenge, use some of the words to create your own 'silly sentences'! I would love to see these when you have finished!


You should practice counting up to 100, and also counting backwards from 100. Practice counting up in twos, fives and tens too! If you choose to practice by writing the numbers down, please bring it in for me to see!


For enquiry, please do some research on The Great Fire of London. If you find out any interesting facts, please come and tell me and we can share them with the rest of the class!