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Autumn 2021

Is There Always Someone to Blame for a Disaster?

Was Thomas Farriner responsible for The Great Fire of London? During our enquiry lessons we will be learning all about The Great Fire of London. The children will be encouraged to look at the event from different perspectives, and form their own opinions about it. 

BBC - History - British History in depth: Great Fire of London: Skyline  Animation

In our art lessons, we will be recapping the primary and secondary colours, which we learnt about in year 1. We will then explore creating different tints and tones with paint, before experimenting with a variety of different painting techniques. The children can use some of these techniques when they create their own painting of The Great Fire of London towards the end of this term! 

In our D&T lessons, the children will be creating their own model houses/buildings. We will be burning these creations on the school playground, to demonstrate how quickly The Great Fire of London spread!