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Councillor Campbell-Clark, Celia Knight and Police Visit Stanstead

We had a great assembly today with our visitors talking about litter and dog fouling. 

We were visited by Councillor Campbell-Clark, Celia Knight, Police Office Grummer and Community Protection Officer Burrows.  We talked about Community, and that it's all our responsibility to look after our Community.  We learnt how long it takes for rubbish to rot away - into the hundreds of years for some items like disposable nappies. We learnt that we could be fined for littering, and for not picking up dog poo - we could even be fined for not having a poo-bag with us on a dog walk! 

Celia Knight explained that they were here because what young people say and think matters just as much as older people, and the Stanstead pupils have raised their concerns about littering and dog fouling. Councillor Campbell-Clark then launched our poster competition. We'll have more of this to come on our website - and you can look out for our posters in the local community!