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Year 4 Ice Skating

All of our Key Stage 2 children are fortunate enough throughout the year to attend ice skating lessons at The National Ice Centre.

The children go once a week for half a term. The children thoroughly enjoy this and really look forward to their turn. It is amazing watching every child’s confidence grow week by week – some children who have never been skating before are skating with great skill by the end of their lessons. Our Year 4 children have just finished their lessons; here are some quotes from the children:

‘AMAZING!’ – Halo

‘The best trip!’ –Ollie

‘I’ve never seen the class have so much fun!’ – Ruby

‘It’s the time of our lives!’- Molly

‘Ice skating is the best!’ – Maisie

‘I love ice skating because I like to see people smile.’ -Georgee

Check out lots more photos in the gallery.