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Anti-Bullying Week

Choose Respect!

This year Anti-Bullying Week took place from the 12th November and once again Stanstead students were fantastic at getting involved! We took part in Odd Socks Day to kick the week off with a bang! Students and staff wore their loveliest odd socks to celebrate how it is OK to be different. 

The theme for Anti-Bullying Week this year was 'Choose Respect'. Our assemblies this week were all about respect and Year 5 even performed their own assembly all about being respectful to the rest of the school.

The Foundation Unit talked about how we can show respect to our friends. We talked lots about using Kind Hands, Kind Feet and Kind Words and the children sang lovely songs about friendships.

There was some amazing work going on throughout the rest of the school during the week. Children created anti-bullying posters to help spread the word and stop bullying. Some classes created acrostic poems based around Respect and some children really showed their creativity to produce comic strips during the week. 

We look forward to doing more work throughout the year to try to stamp out bullying completely!