Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

Vision - A community which values the

contribution of everyone while recognising that children

come first.

Mission - By believing in ourselves and

working together we will all strive to reach our full potential in body, mind, heart and spirit.


How can our vision become reality?

  • children and teachers believe in themselves and what they can achieve
  • all who work at Stanstead Primary are able to experience and enjoy success
  • teachers and children have high expectations of themselves and of each other
  • teachers and children are able to use the evidence of their performance to set themselves more challenging goals and can work towards achieving these goals in a purposeful and informed way
  • teachers and children are committed to the idea of continuous self ¬review as a means to achieve improvement and raise attainment
  • parents and the wider community are fully informed and aware of our values and aims and are actively involved in supporting the school in achieving high standards
  • teachers and support staff are offered opportunities to assess their needs and resources and are deployed to meet these needs in order to enhance the quality of education offered to pupils
  • all those involved in teaching and learning feel valued and supported, both in their efforts and in their achievements
  • advances in technology are used to enhance learning and offer wider learning experiences

By putting this vision into practice we are sure that we can achieve excellence as measured by:

  • high standards in numeracy and English
  • success in the creative arts
  • achievement in sporting activities
  • highly motivated pupils, teachers and support staff
  • children and teachers competent and confident in using a wide range of skills and resources to meet the challenges of an ever changing society
  • high standards of behaviour
  • positive attitudes to work and to attainment
  • effective home/school partnership which impacts positively on achievement