Home Learning


In class 4 we find it crucial to develop our mental maths skills and it would be beneficial for your child if you could spend some time on  the following, at the same time making it fun.

  • ALL times tables -  there is a weekly times tables practice session (Thursday) and test - Children can only make progress if they are regularly practicing their times tables at home
  • Counting in 10s, 100s, and 1000s from different starting points.
  • Counting in steps of 25,50, 75
  • Number bonds to 100 - eg.  70 + 30 = 100 , 48 =52 = 100
  • Doubles and halves of all numbers to 100, e.g. 90 divided by 2 = 45, double 56 = 112 


In order to support this Class four , along with the rest of school have personal log on details to access Mymaths and Mathletics. Please have a look at these sites and encourage your child to explore the activities and games.

My Maths



In addition Homework is set WEEKLY on Mymaths. Please use the links above to check your child's homework now.


Even though children in year 4 can often be fluent readers, it is still crucial that they are reading regularly at home to check their comprehension.

When they have finished reading try asking:

*Where is your story set? - Think about location, time of day, weather

*How is your main character feeling?- Why?

*What have been the most exciting thing that has happened so far? - Why was it exciting?

*Did the author use any powerful vocabulary? - What was it ?What did it mean?

*Were their any words you weren't sure of?

In Literacy there is a heavy emphasis writing using correct grammar and using terms such as:

noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, clause, paragraph,

Children need to know these terms and use these features of language to improve their writing.

If you want to support your child in improving their writing try out BBC revise wise (KS2)

Children in Class Four  have a weekly spelling test - Mondays

Try some of these ideas :

 *Blue Vowels - write out your words but use a blue crayon / pen  for the vowels - a e i o u

*Three times - write out spelling words - 1st in pencil, 2nd in crayon then 3rd in marker / pen

ensure they are always written neatly

*Adding words - each letter has  a value vowels = 10, consonants = 5, Add the values of each word. Which word is worth more?

*Fancy words - copy out the words in your curliest or waviest, most fancy way

*Hopscotch words - Use chalks to draw a hopscotch grid outside, however instead of numbers , write the words in the boxes and spell them out when you land on them