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For the first part of the school year, while the weather is hopefully still pretty good, the Green Monitors Team will be focussing their attentions on the Sensory Garden area.. We hope to maximise the enjoyment of this quiet, calm space by maintaining the up keep of the garden and also canvassing opinion throughout school on how best we can improve and adapt this area for the benefit of all.


Green Monitors

Year 1 - William, Tilly

Year 2 - Reece, Lily G

Year 3 - Lucas, Codey

Year 4 - Marley. Scarlett

Year 5 - Wyatt, Safiya

Year 6 - Ryan, Isabella


Here at Stanstead we do our very best to conserve energy and recycle whenever we can.

Each class has two green monitors who join together to make the Eco-committee.  They meet once a fortnight to discuss ways in which we have to make our school more sustainable.  we are working towards the Eco-school award.  At the moment we have achieved the bronze award and the silver award, our aim is to be the green flag. We look at the 9 topics and try to make improvements in each area. 


Stanstead were very lucky to be visited by the W.I.S.E (waste in school) team.  Each class worked with the W.I.S.E. team on various activities around recycling.  The green monitors then conducted a waste audit around the school looking at the waste in bins.  From this they then produced a school action plan and made 4 pledges.  The first pledge was to ensure all paper and  card was to be recyled.  Each class was then given a new bin for recycled materials.   Their second pledge was to order a recycled container for batteries.  This is now kept in the reception area for school and parents to use.  The next pledge was to create a school composting system They ordered and labelled mini compost bins which have been distributed around school.  The green monitors then empty these daily into the larger compost bin.  Finally it was noticed from the waste audit that there was a lot of plastic not being recycled, so we therefore ordered a recycle bin to be used specifically for plastics.


The green monitors then held a special assembly so they could share what they have done and also to share what projects they will have in the future. Please look in our photo album for pictures of all the projects that the Green Monitors are involved in including the assembly.


This term our green monitors looked at recycling and reducing the amount of rubbish we throw away. We created an action plan from our research:



Action Plan

Problem :   As a School we are using and throwing away a large amount of paper. Can we reduce the level we use ?


What we (Green Monitors) did : We held a competition where we hid the large red recycling bins and gave every class their own labelled bin bag to collect their own paper waste. At the end of the week we weighed each of the bags and announced the winning class, who had the lightest bag.

Outcome (Results) : The competition was a huge success and proved to everyone in school that when we put our minds to it we CAN reduce the amount of paper we use. Our site manager (Mr Ross) confirmed that the amount of paper waste for that week was 25% of its normal level.

Action Plan (The Future) : So, how can we keep the level of paper use to a new low level? The Green monitors propose that each class be given their own new plastic waste paper bin and the number of full loads monitored and recorded by the Green Team in each class. A simple tally chart will be put up in each class to record continually how many bin-fulls each class has produced throughout the term.

Please keep looking at our page for an update on our actions!


"helping people is a privilege. It's nice to see smiles and it makes you feel full inside" Taylor, Year 5

"happy gang are really good because small children come to us for help, we can help them feel better if they are upset or need a friend" Owen, Year 5

"Sad becomes happy" Aarrysun, Year 5

"being in happy gang makes me feel grown up and it's fun. It's also nice to see people happy" Safiya, Year 5