Foundation Unit


Welcome to The Foundation Unit


We are Caterpillars, Butterflies and Rainbows.


Miss Lucy (Foundation Lead/Reception Teacher), Miss Beety (Nursery Teacher), Mrs Smith and Miss Woodward (Teaching Assistants) are the people who look after us daily.

July 2018

Our transition weeks are the last two weeks of term. Our topic will be 'All About Me', we will have some fun by looking at photos of the children (and staff) when they were babies and making pictures of ourselves. 

Children in Reception will be receiving reading books and working together to agree on our classroom behaviour

Today the children have let our butterflies go free. They have shown great care in looking after them and in understanding the life cycle of a butterfly. They also explored the woodland area searching for minibeasts. We found a worm, a caterpillar and lots of spiders!


This week we celebrated World Animal Day. The children dressed up in their best animal costumes (and so did the staff!). We learnt all about elephants as our theme book of the week has been Elmer.
We explored where elephants live and decorated handprint elephants.

*Watch this space*

Next week we will be celebrating Elmer Day (13th October) and inviting parents into Foundation to join us for some fun activities.

We have also been talking about the change in weather and season with the children. Outside we have collected lots of autumn materials and explored different ways of using them. Some of the children made pretend fires, some made soil sandcastles and others explored the different textures.




Welcome back!!

We hope that you had an exciting break and are ready to start the new term.
As you look around the Foundation Unit you will notice we've had a fresh coat of paint, a tidy up and added some new areas of learning for the children.



Monday 3rd July 2017

This week Rainbows will be busy exploring pirate stories and making patterns. On Wednesday we will be making items to sell at the Summer fair.

Invitations for Graduation will be sent out this week.


 Chatsworth Farm Park visit - 21st June 2017

We had a great time visiting Chatsworth Farm. The children really enjoyed exploring the farm, the estate on the tractor ride and the adventure park.

Thank you to all our helpers!

We are busy this week writing about our experience and talking about our favourite parts!


24th April 2017  - Red Nose Day

We enjoyed a cake to celebrate Red Nose Day during our milk time.


20th April 2017- Science Week!

We had great fun last week making ice cream. We tried some fruity toppings on our ice cream to link in with one of our books of the week - Oliver's Fruit Salad.


We made seed shakers and the chicks hatched!!!!


 Another busy week in the Foundation Unit. We read Jack and the Beanstalk, measured the outdoor area and made beans on toast!

Rainbows wrote their names in beans and seeds


We created a story map of Jack and the Beanstalk on our creative table.


We also had our first drumming session this week with Jude.


What a fantastic start to 2017 we have had in the Foundation Unit!

This week we were very lucky to have Tony Wilson visit us on World Book Day. He told us a few stories and sang some songs.
We have also been busy tasting pancakes and exploring the mud kitchen.


Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our snuggle up and read session!

Our topic this half term is How does your garden grow?

We will be looking at the books Jack and the Beanstalk, The Tiny Seed, Oliver's vegetables, How to grow a dinosaur and The Enormous Turnip. We will be growing lots of vegetables and plants and exploring how plants grow. 



Last half term we really enjoyed learning about Potions and Lotions! We had some fun experimenting with making our own witches potion.

We tasted some noodles, spring rolls and prawn crackers during Chinese New Year. We used chopsticks to eat our noodles and retold the Chinese New Year story.




Welcome back after the summer holidays! We were all really excited to see the new look of our Foundation unit. We all love the new toilet facilities and our lovely outdoor area.





This term our topic is Who am I?. Each week we imagine what it would be like to be a pirate, a super hero, an astronaut and lots of other different characters. For more details please check out the information in our cloakroom.









        Previous work:   


    A walk on the wild side

We are looking forward to exciting activities to find out where wild animals live in the world and what different habitats look like. The children have already enjoyed using our Rainforest Explorers role play area and we are planning to set up a Wild Flower Garden Centre in our outdoor area.

We have started to explore animals in different habitats by creating story maps. Can you tell which habitats they are?


All children in the Foundation Stage unit visited Chatsworth Farmyard. We all enjoyed meeting young lambs, goats, chicks and other animals. We also had a fantastic trailer ride so that we could see the animals in the fields. A big thank you to all the staff at the farmyard and to all the volunteers who came to help us!









Previous terms:

Welcome back after the Easter Holidays and a big thank you to all the children and their families who completed the holidays project. The children used their work to introduce our new topic 

                               It's a bug's life!

We have already started to explore different mini beasts in our new 'Bug's lab' role play area:


    This term we will be investigating challenge questions such as Are all bugs scary? Do all spiders look the same? What do caterpillars eat?

Last week we were very excited when our caterpillars arrived. Over the next two weeks we will be observing how the caterpillars change. Keep checking the website for updates!

Our caterpillars grew and grew and we were amazed to see them change into chrysalises and finally into four beautiful butterflies. We observed them for a few days and then said goodbye and set them free.









We all enjoyed Science week and the children in Foundation enjoyed lots of practical and exciting activities. We experimented with how to make an accurate timer for Professor Knowitall, we planted beans and started to watch them grow and best of all we opened up our new mud kitchen.



Welcome back after the half-term holidays and thank you to all children and their families who have completed our holiday project! We had a great variety of pictures, written lists and collages which the children used to explain what they might find in a garden.

Our topic this term is 'Ready, steady, grow' and the children have already explored our new Flower shop role play area this week.

All our learning this term will be based around planting and growing and the children have enjoyed investigating seeds and they have even planted some sunflower seeds. One of our challenge questions will be 'How tall will my sunflower grow?'.

Here are some of our sunflower pictures. The children enjoyed choosing and mixing the colours. Can you spot the sunflower seeds?


Have a look at Rainbows' super seeds packets designs. Can you read which seeds the children want to grow?












At the end of a really exciting term we all enjoyed our Art week activities. Every day the children went into the hall to explore and sketch the artefacts on show. We linked our class work to the theme of the Chinese New Year. Have a look at some of our amazing activities:





Thank you to everyone who came to watch our Nativity performance 'The sleepy shepherd'. Well done to all the children in Caterpillars, Butterflies and Rainbows - you were amazing!




We all enjoyed an exciting Communication and Languages week. During the week we learned a lot about Spain, enjoyed tasting some Spanish food and we learned some new Spanish songs and finger rhymes which we performed in front of the whole school. Have a look at our art work: we made paintings in the style of Joan Miro.


Our topic this term is Let's celebrate! We will be learning about how we celebrate special occasions such as Bonfire night, Diwali, Hanukkah, Advent and Christmas. The children are already exploring our Autumn den role play area and we are looking forward to some den building in our outdoor area.

Have a look at some of the work we have been doing to learn about autumn:




Here are some reminders of what we learned last term about our topic 'Magical Me'.


We learned about our five senses and how we are all different and all special.

The children enjoyed exploring our role play areas, the Doctor's surgery and the Baby clinic.

In our first week we read the story 'Owl babies' and here are some of the pictures we made:


How many owl babies can you see?


All the children in our Foundation Unit went on a sensory walk through our new 'Sensory Garden' which Mr Ross has created for the school. We found lots of exciting things to see, touch and smell.



The children have enjoyed our 'Plan, do review' sessions to get involved with our planning. Each Friday we sit down together and listen to their suggestions to plan activities for the following week. Look at their amazing ideas:






Thank you to all our children and their families who completed the holiday challenge. The children enjoyed sharing and talking about their family pictures.



This term we are learning about 'Fairy tales and dragon scales'. We will be exploring traditional tales and we will also learn about special celebrations such as Diwali, Bonfire Night, Advent and Christmas.

To raise money for Children in Need the children wore something yellow and took part in some jumping activities throughout the day. Thank you for all your donations!

Look at our big jumps:



This term we are learning about 'Fairy tales and dragon scales'. We will be exploring traditional tales and we will also learn about special celebrations such as Diwali, Bonfire Night, Advent and Christmas.

 To raise money for Children in Need the children wore something yellow and took part in some jumping activities throughout the day. Thank you for all your donations!

Look at our big jumps: