Class 6



Our teachers are Mrs Smith and Mrs Hayes.



Spring 1 

Our theme this half term is..

How have we evolved since

The Stone Age?

We will be taking ourselves back to the Stone Age: creating Stone Age homes and tools; making Stone Henge models and exploring what life was like.

Our class book is:



  Our Autumn  1 theme:

Does everyone have as much water as we do?


This half term we will be exploring Rivers and The Water Cycle.


Our Class Reading Book:

            Autumn 1            




Introducing:   Spelling City! 


Simply click in the image above to access your child's spelling list on line, along with interactive and printable ways to practise them. The list is updated each week with that weeks words for group 1 and 2.

Old lists remain there to ensure children can keep practising and revising old spelling patterns. 

Spelling homework is also set on paper sheets each week to be completed by the following Monday.