Class 4

Welcome to Class Four


Our teacher is Mrs Snowden! 

 Our TA is Mr Smee!  


Our theme this half term is:

Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them?


Our class books this half term are:




 Our news!

We have recently visited the Think Tank science museum in Birmingham. We had a fantastic time and learned lots of amazing scientific facts!












P.E. is on a Monday so can all parents please ensure that your children have a FULL P.E. kit and that all items are in line with the school's uniform.

Image result for ice skatingWe are very lucky to be taking part in ice skating lessons this term, which take place on Friday afternoons.  Please ensure your children come to school with a change of warm clothes including socks.


This week's Maths Problem Solving Challenge:



Your Mum asks you to go to Sainsbury’s after school to get some shopping. Here is

a list of what she asks for:

• Six bananas (one pound and eighty nine pence)

• Large tub vanilla ice cream (one pound and seventy pence)

• Economy pack of burgers (two pounds and twenty nine pence)

• Colgate toothpaste (two pounds and sixty nine pence)

a) Add up how much these items will cost.

b) Your Mum said that you could keep the change. How much change is there?




Our science and theme for this half-term...

The Digestive System

In science this half term we will be exploring how our body processes food through the digestive system and how this in turn gives us energy to get on with our daily lives.  We will be looking closely at what it is to be healthy and how we can support our bodies through exercise and diet.  Our science focus is also our theme so we will be creating written texts, persuasive speeches and diagrams to demonstrate our learning. 



In Mathematics we will be covering all the major areas of Maths including: number and place-value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions (decimals and percentages), measures, geometry: properties of shape and position, direction and motion and statistics in a variety of graphs, charts and tables. 


Use the school homework links page to get cracking practising your Maths using Mathletics, MyMaths and logging on to Purple Mash!

In our Mathematics lessons we are working on our mastery, which is all about us being able to use all our skills in a variety of contexts!

For our Spring 2 term, children will be practising a range of grammar, spelling and punctuation skills along with their handwriting AND we will be working very hard on our Reading with RIC sessions!

Our reading genres for this half-term are: biographies

We have some very skillful writers in Year 4 so keep an eye on our Star Writer of the Week to see who are our role model writers this half-term!

Reading with RIC

In Reading with RIC we are using our skills to be able to retrieve, interpret and discuss the choice of the author or director.  We use a range of inspiring and thought-provoking clips to engage the class in discussions and texts that will fill the children with their own ideas of purpose to enable them to review and perform their viewpoints of the texts

Keep an eye out for who our Star Reader of the Week is half-term too!



In music this term we are learning how to play the trumpets and trombones.  We are being taught by 2 music teachers and working very hard on learning new notes and are sat as in a real orchestra! Keep an eye out for some photos of us learning our new instrument!