Children Say it with Flowers

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From the Nottingham Post...

Old Market Square.

Children say it with flowers to make Nottingham happy

Flowers, sweets and cards were handed out by children in Old Market Square this morning to make the city smile.

About 150 primary school pupils spent an hour giving free gifts to passers-by.

Their aim was to make themselves feel good by brightening up someone else’s day.

And it seemed to work as the children wished everyone well.

The event was part of a project, called Brilliant Notts which was launched by Nottinghamshire author Andy Cope to make the city a happier place.

Mr Cope has been working with 19 schools in the city and county, asking each of them to do projects to raise happiness in their communities.

This morning they came together to hand out their gifts.

Paige Turton, ten, from Stanstead Primary in Rise Park, said: “I think it is important to make people feel happy. You have a better life if you are happy.”

Paige and her fellow Stanstead pupils handed out bags of Haribo sweets, flowers and notes with messages on.

One of the messages read: “Thought of the day: Smile. Love your life.”

Jahseal Bell, nine, was also smiling.

He said: “There are too many sad people in the world so we are out here trying to make people happy.”

Fellow Stanstead pupil Kayleigh Binch-Lawlor, ten, said: “I’m giving people Haribo sweets to make them happy. Everyone has been really grateful.

“By making them happy it is making me happy.”

Their teacher Teresa Terzza said: “The children have come here with the intention of making people feel happy and it is certainly working.”