Ofsted say we're securely good! - March 17th 2017

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Following our Ofsted visit earlier this month, we are now pleased to be able to tell you that we continue to be graded as a good school. The report is available to download here


Here are some quotes from the report that we are proud of:

  • Your vision statement, ‘Children come first,’ is apparent throughout the school and pupils speak warmly about the care they receive, saying it is like a ‘supernova that spreads to all the children’.

  • The impact of the strong focus on challenging the most able pupils is also very evident across the school.

  • In a number of classes, teaching assistants were observed to be confidently and skilfully leading small groups of the most able pupils in English and mathematics, as well as leading reading interventions.

  • A strong culture of watchful care runs through all of the school’s safeguarding work.

  • The school site is secure and pupils state very strongly that they feel safe at all times. They are very clear about how to keep themselves safe from bullying in all its forms and describe how staff handle any issues that do arise quickly and fairly.

  • Pupils speak very warmly about the quality of care they receive. They have a high level of confidence in the ability of staff to support them if they are ‘feeling down’, describing this as being ‘engulfed in kindness’.

  • Staff say that they feel valued and happy and many parents speak very positively about their children’s happiness and the information they receive.