Bird Box Update - 24th May 2016

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Children have been keeping an eye on the bird box using the web cam that they can view in their classrooms at school.

When children arrived at school on Tuesday after the May Day bank holiday, 5 eggs could clearly be seen resting in the nest. There could be more but any others are out of sight from the camera.

The mother has been busy flying in and out of the bird box and protecting her eggs and keeping them warm. We noticed on Monday some of the eggs have hatched and now we have some baby bluetits!

The latest picture shows the mother looking down on her new chicks. It has been fascinating to watch nature at work!


The mother looking after her chicks. 24th May 2016



Baby bluetits have hatched!17th May 2016



Mum sitting on her eggs. 17th May 2016



Mum sitting on her eggs. 12th May 2016



Eggs in the nest. 3rd May 2016